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Job description – QC Inspector

Name of the company: Carpenters Agricultural and Manufacturing Ltd, T/A Globe

Primary Business: Food manufacture and trading

Location: Independence Drive, Madang

Job Title: QC Inspector X2

Contract: Full time (3 months’ probation)

Reporting to: Q/A Supervisor

  • QC inspectors monitor quality standards of the incoming raw materials, production process, and all the finished goods manufactured for the consumer market.

  • Primary responsibilities and operational tasks:

  • Able to Check raw material receipts and verify the specifications

  • Able to Check and verify the overall condition of the production lines before the production

  • Able Check all the staff are properly dressed with PPEs to avoid any food contamination

  • Able to Ensure zero tolerance for any type of food contaminations during the manufacturing process

  • Able to Check and verify the batch control system

  • Check and verify the line calibration for can seam readings, weight, and the can pressure before and during the production

  • Able to Reports any misalignment or deviations immediately to QA supervisor/line managers or Q/A manager

  • Able to Rejects and report any defective items and send them back to re-works

  • Able to Liaising with the production engineering team in the monitoring and escalating any deviations

  • Able to Complete documents accurately, correctly, and timely to ensure all products comply with the standard specifications.

  • Able to Undertake all duties as required to fulfill the role within the company

  • Able Encouraging production and production engineering staff to follow good working and hygiene practices, and where necessary, be corrected when not properly followed

  • Qualification

  • Grade 10 or higher national qualifications

  • Core Competencies

  • Strong negotiation skills

  • Sales & merchandising acumen

  • POP/POS creativity

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