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The Company has 1800 hectares of tea with 5 fully automated CTC factories, 1000 hectares of Arabica Coffee with 4 wet factories and the world famous "Sigri" Coffee Mill. Carpenters is the largest Producer/Exporter of Tea in PNG with over 80% of the country's exports. The company also exports 1.6 million kilos of high-quality coffee per annum under the "Sigri" and "Bunum Wo" brand names.

Company Profile

Carpenter Estates is a tea and coffee growing, manufacturing and exporting company situated in the Wahgi Valley, in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.


The tea and coffee are grown at 5000 feet (1600 metres) above sea level and the ideal weather conditions that prevail in the Waghi Valley allows us to produce tea and coffee of excellent quality. This has led to Sigri Coffee being ranked among the 10 best coffees in the world by leading experts in the USA and Europe. Coffee is exported in green bean bulk and in 250 gram "Sigri" packets. The tea is grown without the use of any chemical pesticides, a situation that does not prevail in any other tea producing country. The green leaf is carefully selected and harvested by using the latest techniques in plantation management. The black tea which is to CTC (Cut, Tear, & Curl) manufacture is sorted to nine international grades and exported in bulk, value-added packets and tea bags. Our coffee and tea are also sold in the domestic market under the brand names “Sigri” and “Bunum Wo” for coffee and “National No.1 Tea Pot Tea” for tea packets and bags. The tea is also exported under “Mt Angalim” brand. The company has a packing factory for tea and coffee with modern tea bagging/packing machinery and coffee roasting facilities.

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