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Cookie Policy


What Are Cookies?

Most professional websites use cookies to better their customer browsing experience. This page explains how we gather those details and why we store cookies. We will also give you information of how to downgrade if you wish to do so.

For more information please refer to the article about HTTP Cookies on Wikipedia.


How We Use Cookies

The list below details how we use cookies in this website. There is no one answer for how to effectively disable cookies without affecting the attributes and performance of this website. The recommendation is that you leave the cookies settings as it is used to better your customer experience.


Disabling Cookies

If you prefer to alter the cookie setting on your browser refer to your Browser’s help section. Note that altering the cookies setting on your browser mean that the functionality on this site and others that you visit will change. Certain functions and features on this site will be altered if the cookies are disabled. It is advised that you should not disable cookies.


The Cookies We Set

   Account related cookies


When you sign up we will use your cookies to better manage the registration process and administrative purposes. Once you log off these cookies are deleted but sometimes your preferences are retained for when you log on next time.


Login related cookies

Once you log in, we use cookies to maintain your log in so you do not have to log in multiple times. However, if you log out, your cookies are cleared that means your browsing experience will be limited in certain sections.


Email newsletters related cookies

We send our newsletters or email subscriptions that means to recall that that you are part of our email list we need to know that you registered, which means we have to store cookies to differentiate a subscribed from an unsubscribed user and what notification will be appropriate for either.

Orders processing related cookies

This site has e-commerce facilities therefore cookies are necessary to enable proper processing of your orders.

Surveys related cookies

Occasionally we will run surveys and questions to understand our customer base and their needs. Cookies ensure that we keep track of who has participated in these activities.


Forms related cookies

When forms are submitted using our online contact pages, we keep those user details for future correspondence.


Site preferences cookies

We allow users to set their preferences on some of our pages. Cookies enable such features where a user’s preference is maintained whenever that specific user returns to the site.


Third Party Cookies

The following sections outline specific features within our websites where third parties provide us cookies that contribute to your user experience:


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used in this website as a tool to understand our customer’s behavior and used to tailor our website and customer experience to suit our customers. Cookies are used to track a customer’s activity on the site. That means Google Analytics uses information like pages visited by a user and how much time is spent on each site. Visit the Google Analytics page for more information on Google Analytics cookies.


To ensure we provide and produce appealing content, third-party analytics is used to measure and track users on this website. These cookies allow us user habits like the pages you visit and how much time is spent on that site.


New features will be added to the website in the future where parts of the website may need some refining. While we are in the testing these new features, these cookies may be utilized to ensure we deliver on customer experience and understand which part of our improvement is popular with our customers.


As we monitor the types of purchases being made on our site, we need to know how many visitors make purchases on our site and the cookies will track this kind of data. This information is necessary for us to understand our customers’ buying habits as well as the success rates of our advertising and our product costs so we can give better deals.


The Google AdSense service we use to serve advertising uses a DoubleClick cookie to serve more relevant ads across the web and limit the number of times that a given ad is shown to you.

For more information on Google AdSense see the official Google AdSense privacy FAQ.[insert hyperlink to Google AdSense FAQ]

We use Google AdSense which has the DoubleClick cookie feature that limits the number of times an ad is shown as well as only showing ads relevant to the user.

Refer to the Google AdSense privacy FAQ for more information.


There are social media links to our websites including Facebook and Twitter. For users to go between a website and a social media, cookies are necessary to ensure your social media profile is adjusted to your preferences on the social media site or to add to their data based on their privacy policies. Cookies are required to enable this to happen.

More Information

We hope the information provided was helpful in explaining why you should leave cookies enabled or not to allow you to access the features of this website. This is our physical and postal address, should you require further information:


WR Carpenter (PNG)

Office Head Office - Port Moresby

Boroko Motors Building

Cnr of Cameron Rd & Waigani Dr


National Capital District


Telephone: (675) 302 4200

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