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Job Vacancies

Boroko Motors
WR Carpenter

Carpenters Shipping Agency

Carpenters Air Logistics

WR Carpenter Estates

  1. Quality Control

  2. Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic

  3. HR Assistant Manager

Globe Manufacturing PNG
  1. Accountant Officer

  2. Account Assistant (AP)

  3. Boiler Operator

  4. Quality Control

  5. Sales Representative

  6. OH and Safety Officer

  7. Merchandising & Operations Manager

  8. Quality Assurance (QA) Manager

  9. Seaming & Production Manager

  10. Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

  11. Financial Accountant

  12. Warehouse Manager

  13. HR Assistant Manager

WR Carpenter Properties 
Carpenters Shipping Logistics
Coconut Products Ltd
  1. Credit Collection Officer

  2. Sales Representative

EDA Assurance
  1. Technical Manager (Underwriting & Claims) 

Please adhere to these requirements when applying for any of the above jobs.
  1. Attention to: Human Resource Department

  2. Scan applications in to 1 PDF and send

  3. Email Applications to:

  4. Hand Deliver to Boroko Motors Service Department :          

            PO Box 1259

            Boroko NCD

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