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About Us

The WR Carpenter (PNG) Group is a member of the MBf Carpenter Group with operations in:

MBf Carpenters' holding company MBf Holdings Berhad is listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.


The PNG Group:

  • One of the top 4 employers in PNG

  • Has over 6000 employees

  • Has operations spread throughout PNG

  • Has a mix of agricultural, trading, manufacturing & IT activities

  • Has a competitive edge in the majority of environments in PNG

The WR Carpenter (PNG) Group has developed and operated businesses in Papua New Guinea since 1919 when WR Carpenter & Co. Limited registered in Rabaul. At that time Rabaul was the main business centre and capital of New Guinea, and had been under military occupation since 1914.

The principal business of WR Carpenter & Co Limited was the purchase of island produce and the selling of general merchandise.

The Group's evolution in Papua New Guinea has diversified over this period and has variously included Plantations, Shipping, Merchandising, Insurance, Aviation, and Automotive interests and recently the Information Technology business technology sector.

Vision Statement

It is the intention of the company's directors and shareholders to see the group build on its existing core businesses within Papua New Guinea. Whilst there are and will always be, periods of political instability and doubt as to the ability of the country to develop; the diverse makeup of its people and the nature of the resource base, we believe, are a recipe for success. The makeup of our organisation gives us the flexibility required to adjust to these trends.

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