General Purpose

Assist the Customs Broker to prepare and compile Customs Entry for lodgement on the Customs ASYCUDA system.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

The activities, functions and areas of accountability for the job must be clearly defined here. Start each key task with a verb that describes what the employee must do. Examples include develop, meet, organize, plan, arrange, supervise, communicate, review, prepare, manage, monitor, write, handle, evaluate, maintain, analyze and implement.

  • Preparing shipping documentation for customs clearance process (Import & Export)

  • Compiling of Imports & Export entries (Data Entry)

  • Classify goods using the 6 General Interpretation Rule to their correct tariff codes in accordance with the headings, sub-headings and chapter notes

  • Monitor and coordinate customs clearance jobs

  • Arrange Permits and Exemptions applications.

  • Ensure Duty is paid to Customs withing 5 working days after the assessment notice is issued.

  • Communicate with Customers/clients on Customs related queries

  • Ensure importers and exporters meet Customs regulatory requirements.

  • Assist Customs Coordinator with all related work.

Education and Training

State the necessary level of education and qualifications and training required to perform the job. For example, Bachelors Degree, diploma, examinations passed, registrations and accreditation.

  • Minimum Grade 12 Certificate

  • Diploma or Degree is an Advantage

Knowledge and Experience

Specific experience required. Specific knowledge required. For example knowledge and experience of software applications, equipment, job methods and tools, technical processes, accounting principals, legislation and standards.

Minimum of 3 years’ experience in Customs Entry Compiling and Tariff classification on Customs ASYCUDA World System.

Core Competencies

These are the skills and abilities required to successfully perform the key tasks. Competency examples include communication skills, planning and organizing ability, problem analysis, problem solving, adaptability, the ability to delegate, stress tolerance, initiative, negotiation skills, persuasiveness and attention to detail.

  • Good written and oral communication skills

  • Spot on with Tariff classification

  • Ability to meet deadline

  • Pay great attention to details

  • Multi-tasking

  • Organised

  • Team Player

Working Conditions

State any working conditions that the employee needs to be aware of such as working environment, hours of work and any special conditions such as high noise levels, shifts, travel and overtime.


Required to work 8 hours a day form Monday to Friday and 4 hours in roosted weekends. Over time if required


Salary and benefits can also be included here if the information is available, otherwise not necessary.