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Job Description


Job Title:    Heavy & Light Vehicle Technician     

Company Name:  Boroko Motors

Department:   Service             

Reports to:    Workshop Supervisor

General Purpose

Assign with diagnosis and repair of chassis, electrical, hydraulic and water pump systems. Inspect, test, troubleshoot, repair and adjust electrical, hydraulic, fire control, mechanical and firing systems.  Light Vehicle Mechanics overhaul, service and repair the mechanical parts including engines, gearboxes, clutches and brakes of cars, utilities and vans. They are also responsible for minor and major maintenance including oil changes, engine tune ups and more.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

Heavy & Light Vehicle Technicians perform a mix of technical and customer interface duties. Their responsibilities can vary depending on the size of the business and the expertise of other employees. Their daily tasks include:

  • Inspecting vehicles and diagnosing any required work.

  • Discussing required repairs with customers.

  • Calculating the expected time and cost of vehicle work.

  • Repairing or replacing components as required.

  • Road testing vehicles to test repair work.

  • Fitting and servicing vehicle accessories, including immobilisers, alarms and stereos.

  • Performing service checks.

  • Performing vehicle maintenance tasks, such as changing oil and air filters, as required.

  • Cleaning and maintaining the work environment to ensure equipment longevity and workplace safety.



Education and Training

While there are no formal education requirements for Heavy & Light Vehicle Technicians, we require; 

  • Educational standards.

  • At least an apprenticeship and have training on Maintenance and Repair – Light Vehicle, Heavy Vehicle, Vehicle Fitting and Auto Electrical and Mobile Electronics and Security. New Vehicle Technicians usually receive on-the-job training.



Knowledge and Experience

Heavy & Light Vehicle Technicians use their technical and soft skills to keep vehicles running well and their owners happy. A successful Vehicle Technician candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:

  • Superior knowledge of motor vehicles and how to perform repair and maintenance tasks.

  • Verbal communication skills for explaining vehicle work to customers in accessible. terms and discussing vehicle cases with other team members.

  • Customer service skills for positive interactions with vehicle owners.

  • Diagnostic and problem-solving skills for determining vehicle problems and how to resolve them.

  • Manual dexterity for working on vehicle parts, including sensitive sensors and electronic components.

  • Competency using diagnostic equipment.

  • Mathematical skills for calculating quotes.


Core Competencies

The candidate must possess;

  • The ability to work independently.

  • Managing overtime on service calls with patience and not rushing the job.

  • Excellent customer service and communication skills.

  • The ability to diagnose and solve problems based on customers' non-technical descriptions.

Working Conditions

This job requires the candidate to work the normal 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday hours and outside of the normal hours. The candidate must be flexible to work anytime when required.

Please adhere to these requirements when applying for any of the above jobs.
  1. Attention to: Human Resource Department

  2. Scan applications in to 1 PDF and send

  3. Email Applications to:

  4. Hand Deliver to Boroko Motors Service Department :          

            PO Box 1259

            Boroko NCD

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