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Job Description


Job Title:   Storeman

Company Name:  Boroko Motors

Department:   Tyre Service & Panel Shop

Location:   POM


General Purpose:

Your goal is to ensure the smooth and timely unloading of containers. Prioritise proper stacking of all tyres in the warehouse, and ensure that products are neatly and carefully arranged according to the pre-defined warehouse plan.


Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Able to manage the storage and safekeeping of goods in a store or warehouse.

  • Control the stock flow through the warehouse, monitoring goods in and out and safely and efficiently handling and moving items while keeping accurate stock records.

  • Ensure that goods received or sent from the Company are in good condition and match the correct paperwork, to maintain accurate records and ensure that customer deliveries are dispatched correctly the first time.

  • Restock shelves, accept incoming orders, process and pack orders, count inventory, and ensure that orders are shipped promptly.

  • Additionally, collect, process, and document all merchandise received and paid for while assisting with inventory activities as needed.



Prerequisites – (Essential Qualification /Licenses & Experiences)

  • Possess a certificate from a recognised Technical Training Institution (NTC)

  • Three years of work experience in a dealership environment or similar,

  • A high school grade 12 certificate.



Core Competencies

  • Alert and conscious, Eye to Hand coordination

  • Good practical skills.

  • Excellent Job Knowledge

  • Good organisational skills.

  • Team player

  • Able to work quickly and methodically.

  • Of good health and physical fitness.



Working Conditions:

  • Working 8 am – 5 pm weekdays, Monday to Friday

  • Alternative weekend 8 am – 12md Saturday

Please adhere to these requirements when applying for any of the above jobs.
  1. Attention to: Human Resource Department

  2. Scan applications in to 1 PDF and send

  3. Email Applications to:

  4. Hand Deliver to Boroko Motors Service Department :          

            PO Box 1259

            Boroko NCD

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