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Job Description

Job Title:              Senior Copier Technician

Company Name:   Daltron PNG Limited

Department:          Service Delivery

Location:                 Port Moresby Papua New Guinea

Reports to:             Team Lead – Office Automation

General Purpose

The role of a senior copier technician to fill provide in depth 2nd level technical support to copiers and printers to resolve issues affect this hardware. The position will also provide mentoring and upskilling of junior copier technicians as well providing 1st level support to key SLA customers.


Senior Copier technicians will install, maintain and repair copier/printer equipment, including photocopiers, digital multifunctional copiers, fax machines, scanners and printers. Their duties may include clearing paper jams, changing toner cartridges and replacing or refurbishing worn parts. As copiers become more complex and integrated with computer technology, copy technicians may also perform maintenance on computer network connections and other digital functions.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Manage and repair equipment on and off site.

  • Represent Daltron in customer interactions professionally.

  • Extend outstanding support by meeting customers’ needs on time.

  • Investigate and resolve maintenance and repair issues.

  • Manage accurate inventory of tools, parts and supplies.

  • Advice customers on equipment operation and maintenance.

  • Check new system and seeing if they are in functional order.

  • Assemble machines as per specifications with hand and power tools and measuring devices.

  • Run machines to test parts functioning.

  • Manage tool kit, supplies and accurate inventory

  • Conduct preventive maintenance and photocopiers adjustment.

  • Troubleshoot equipment for identifying malfunctions cause.

  • Troubleshoot clients’ problems with high quality solutions.

  • Establish relationships with clients and fellow employees.

  • Supports production by troubleshooting devices to root cause

Education and Training

Education: Degree in IT/Electronics or another related field (preferred but not required)

Certifications: Sharp, Xerox, HP certifications are preferred but not required

Knowledge and Experience

Experience: 5+ years providing ICT services

  • Expert-level knowledge of photocopiers and related equipment, as well as strong computer skills and an understanding of computer networks and software programs.

  • Experience with servicing and deploying Sharp, Fuji Xerox, HP and other copier brands and MFP devices is essential.

  • They should also be detail-oriented and mechanically savvy, with the ability to install, disassemble and reassemble copiers and parts.

  • Strong communication and customer service skills are essential.

  • Field technicians may need a current driver's license and the ability to lift heavy equipment. 

Core Competencies

  • Software knowledge – Must have knowledge of how Copiers Work over LAN and with Print Servers, Print Management Software and computers, Basic Networking

  • Hardware knowledge – Photocopiers, printers and Multifunction devices

  • Problem-solving skills – getting many pieces of hardware and software to work in harmony is an ongoing and challenging task. Strong deductive reasoning and patience serve the technicians well here

  • Customer service – Copier Technicians tend to work with internal rather than external partners. Communicating well with these “customers” helps the technicians resolve issues quickly and build strong working relationships

  • Teaching ability – Technicians may need to explain complex technical concepts to nontechnical colleagues and train them to use software and hardware

  • Organization skills –Technicians need to stay organized to keep on top of their tasks

Working Conditions

The Technician must be able to:

  • Travel to work or training on time

  • Work Overtime on projects or unscheduled outages

  • Have a valid driver license

  • A team player

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