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Job Description


Job Title:                  Documentation Officer
Company Name:   Carpenter Shipping Agency
Department:          Documentation Division
Location:                 Port Moresby
Reports to:              National Customer Service Manager

General Purpose

  • To effectively execute and efficiently handle documentation activities as per standard process.

  • To Maintain the Flow of Import Documentation for Southbound Shipments within the KPI.

Scope of Work

CSA Port Moresby being the centralized documentation hub, below are the documentation work coverage.

Import Documentation -retrieving of import documents (NOA, invoices, freight/cargo manifest, delivery orders) from the system, sending of NOA & invoices to the clients, updating Customs Asycuda system, compiling and preparing documents for other Branch offices, and ensuring documentation SOP and KPI are met.

Export Documentation - to receive export cargo bookings, update Principal’s system, generate & compile documentation and ensure timely shipment in compliance with shipper & Principal’s instructions.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities (Import Documentation)

  • Coordinates with Principal, POL Agents, Operations Team and Vessel Partner on the arrival of vessel.

  • Generates import documentation such as arrival notices, invoices and cargo/freight manifests and delivery orders.

  • Reconciles manifest against cargo discharged list.

  • Sends NOA’s and invoices to clients 5 days prior to vessel arrival.

  • Registers all cargo manifest in Asycuda World within 3 days before vessel arrival and coordinates with Customs Office.  Arranges cargo release to clients.

  • Ensures all invoices are settled by clients and coordinates with Finance team for payment receipt.

  • Generates import documents for other Branch Offices as well.

  • Maintains & updates clients’ information in the system.

  • Handles import enquiries from the customers either through telephone or email.

  • Maintains proper filing and updating of all departmental records.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities (Export Documentation)


  • To coordinate between Customers, Sales team, Branch Offices & POD

  • Receives bookings and forwarding instructions from shipper and create the booking into the Line system.

  • Ensures that all bookings are updated and firmed on the system.

  • Sends Booking Confirmation to Shippers and Branch offices.

  • Liaising with shippers and Principals

  • Prepares pre-receival list for export container gate passes.

  • Registers all full container load in N4 – Port Terminal system.

  • Generates Bill of Lading, Manifests and Invoices

  • Keep shipper informed about shipment &, vessel status.

  • Reconciles final bookings in the system against final load list.

  • Monitors all paid shipments and issues Telex Release or Original Bill of Lading.

  • Compiles final documents such as draft, original BL, invoice, cargo & freight manifest.

  • Prepares PNG PORTS Docs (EDI & Cargo Manifest)

  • Prepares Documents for POD and notify POD for the cargo releases.

  • Coordinates with POD Agent and Transhipment Port for the Connecting Vessels and ETA in Final Destination.

  • To handle export inquiries from the customers either through telephone or email.

  • To maintain proper filing and updating of all departmental records.

Education and Training


  • Experience and certification in the required field, systems, application etc.

Knowledge and Experience


  • Previous experience with proven history in same or similar role

  • Administration related programs, qualifications from previous experience

  • Certified achievement from previous employment related experience, learning courses.



Core Competencies


  • Analytical skills

  • Sound Computer confidence including word & excel

  • Ability to work unsupervised, be a leader

  • Strong understanding of time management to deadlines

  • Confident person management – delegation skills

  • Ability to demonstrate “Best Practice Methods”

  • Be a team player

  • Remain focused & highly self-motivated

Working Conditions

Working Hours - Monday to Friday 8.00am – to 5.00pm with Rostered Saturday
Mornings 8.00am – to 12.00pm = 84hrs


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