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Job Description

Job Title:     Boiler Operator

Company Name:   Carpenter Agricultural & Manufacturing Ltd (T/A Globe) 

Location:   Globe CANNERY - Madang



General Purpose

Monitor and operate systems and equipment, perform adjustments, observe factors such as temperature and pressure, write daily records, and replace equipment parts as needed. They may also maintain the cleanliness of areas, keeping supplies organized at all times.



Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Operating industrial boilers and other equipment that produces steam, hot water, or other forms of thermal energy

  2. Monitoring and adjusting gauges and controls to ensure proper and safe operation of the equipment

  3. Performing testing, inspection, and maintenance of the equipment and its parts

  4. Recording operational data such as steam pressure and feedstock levels

  5. Analyze operating data to make sure the equipment run at optimal levels.

  6. Run, repair or troubleshoot electrical systems, both high and low voltages.


Education, Training, Knowledge and Experience

  1. Grade 12 / Certificate in respective field

  2. Minimum 2-3 Year Experience.

  3. Basic Knowledge on the job

Core Competencies

  1.  Proactive to escalate potential risk issues implement corrective measures and anticipate ongoing needs of the facility.

  2.  Reasoning and problem solving. Great boiler technicians realize when something wrong has happened to the boiler

  3. Able to complete task within the timeline.

  4. Adopt the Policy, procedure, system etc.



Working Conditions

  1. Must have good health and track records.

  2. Punctuality

  3. Ability to work under pressure

  4. Can work in a team and independently

Please adhere to these requirements when applying for any of the above jobs.
  1. Attention to: Human Resource Department

  2. Scan applications in to 1 PDF and send

  3. Email Applications to:

  4. Hand Deliver to Boroko Motors Service Department :          

            PO Box 1259

            Boroko NCD

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