A summary of the overall purpose of the job. Clearly stated in one or two sentences.
1. Complete Day-To-Day Accounting entries for Cannery Division (day to day entry, PO, AP, AR etc), Bank Reconciliation, Intercompany Reconciliation.
2. Assist FC in Other reporting & Closely working with other department heads and understand business requirements.

General Purpose
Key Tasks and Responsibilities

The activities, functions and areas of accountability for the job must be clearly defined here. Start each key task with a verb that describes what the employee must do.
Examples include develop, meet, organize, plan, arrange, supervise, communicate, review, prepare, manage, monitor, write, handle, evaluate, maintain, analyse and implement. Minimum of  five (5) task/responsibilities are required,

a. Overview of Day to Day accounting entries & supervise accounting staff for posting of GL, AP, AR etc.
b. Checking correctness of Production, WIP entries in system
c. Maintain tracking sheet for TT Payments.
d. Properly checking of documents before send for further approval.
e. Daily, Weekly & Monthly Bank Recon & Intercompany Recon.
f. Timely completion of GL Reconciliation (Payables, Provision etc)
g. Tax Compliances (GST, Group Tax & Any other taxation)
h. Assist FC in Other reporting’s
i. Maintain proper records to help in Audits

Education and Training

State the necessary level of education and qualifications and training required to perform the job. For example Bachelors Degree, diploma, examinations passed, registrations and accreditation.

a. CPA / Bachelor degree in Accounts, Finance & Management.
b. Minimum 4-5 Year Experience in Finance & Accounts.
c. To be Good in MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook etc)

Knowledge and Experience

Specific experience required. Specific knowledge required. For example knowledge and experience of software applications, equipment, job methods and tools, technical processes, accounting principals, legislation and standards

a. Good understanding accounting principles & accounting entries.
b. Have appropriate experience of finalization of monthly accounts.
c. Minimum 4-5 Year Experience in Finance & Accounts.
d. To be Good in MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook etc)
e. Good communication skills.
f. Must have Knowledge in Inventory account & process.

Core Competencies

These are the skills and abilities required to successfully perform the key tasks. Competency examples include communication skills, planning and organizing ability, problem analysis, problem solving, adaptability, the ability to delegate, stress tolerance, initiative, negotiation skills, persuasiveness and attention to detail.

1. Able to escalate / highlight things in right time.
2. Able to complete task within the timeline.
3. Adhere to follow, and insist to other to follow, companies’ policies & procedures.
4. Adopt the Change Management, Policy, procedure, system etc.

Working Conditions

State any working conditions that the employee needs to be aware of such as working environment, hours of work and any special conditions such as high noise levels, shifts,travel and overtime, travelling, driving etc.

1. Must have good health and track records.
2. Punctuality
3. Result oriented in tight timeline & critical situations

Salary and benefits can also be included here if the information is available, otherwise not necessary.

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