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Company Profile

Carpenter Trading Ltd. was established on 30th October, 2007.

The company sells, merchandises, distributes and markets the WR Carpenter's PNG manufactured food consumables with a focus on product development.

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Product include Globe manufactured products which produce a variety of canned meats, dripping, legumes, tinned fish, bottled oil, bottled cordial and pet food. Brands includes Sita, Barnes, Sunsweet Cordial, Globe and MST oil.

Carpenter Estate grows and manufactures Tea and Coffee in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Brands includes National Number 1 Tea, Perfect Tea and Just Tea. The coffee grown and manufactured has been ranked as equal to the world's finest for the past 20 years throughout USA and Europe. Coffee brands are Sigri and Bunum Wo.

Various imported brands will be added to Carpenter Trading's list of marketed items as time goes by. Brittania Biscuits being the first agency to complement the current product listing.

Carpenter Trading aims to provide top quality - ' value for money' products coupled with excellent merchandising and service to ensure broad distribution with a vision to increase customer sales and profit.

A new company with a bright future.