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Globe Cannery  

Through a superior distribution system, the GLOBE CANNERY provides competitively priced, high quality packaged food products to the PNG and Regional consumer markets under its major brands Globe, Sita and Sunsweet.

Globe Manufacturing maintains its market position as Globe ... the trusted brand of PNG by:

  • providing outstanding value to customers
  • delivering world class business performance
  • demonstrating that our people are our most important resource
  • behaving with integrity
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The Business

GLOBE MANUFACTURING began as a family business( James Barnes Pty Ltd.) in Australia in 1881. The company grew and began exporting corned beef to Papua New Guinea shortly after World War II. A 1983 PNG Government White Paper on International Development identified meat canning as an industry that should be established in PNG. A feasibility study was undertaken and in November 1984 an agreement was signed between James Barnes Pty Ltd. of Australia and the Papua New Guinea Government.

Granted sole manufacturing rights for canned meats in the country, 30 acres of alienated swampland was leased in Madang for the construction of a meat cannery that met USDA and EEC standards. While initially planned as a meat canning facility only, GLOBE began restructuring and diversifying its operations in 1987 to include canned dripping, canned cake rolls, canned hot packs and PVC bottle manufacturing and filling.

Now offering over 86 varieties of packaged foods, with 52 of this under the Globe brand, the company has developed into one of the premier food packaging operations in the South Pacific Region.


The company distributes seven (7) product categories under its own brands

  • Globe
  • Sita
  • Sunsweet

and also packs two (2) PNG house brands.

Product Range

Canned Meats

  • corned beef
  • corned meat loaf
  • beef hot packs
  • corned mutton
  • chicken

Canned Fish

  • tuna
  • mackerel

Canned Vegetables

  • baked beans
  • chick peas
  • red kidney beans


  • Globe Dripping
  • KR Dripping

Canned Pet Food

Bottled Cooking Oil

  • palm oil
  • soybean oil
  • blended cooking oil

Bottled Cordial

  • Sunsweet
  • cordial

Distribution Network

Through a superior distribution system GLOBE provides competitively priced, high quality packaged food products to the PNG and Regional consumer markets.

While the company's target market is obviously the end consumer, our actual direct customers are some eighty one (81) established wholesalers throughout PNG.

From its factory warehouse in Madang and external depots in Lae, Port Moresby and Mt. Hagen, GLOBE provides service within 24 hours of receipt of order to 60% of its customers who represent approximately 80% of the company's sales turnover.

The remaining customers are serviced from the Madang Warehouse in containerised shipments (4m3, 9m3 and 20' containers) via one week service by coastal shipping.

Overseas customers are serviced from Madang in 20' containers.

Commitment of Quality

GLOBE has met the challenge of the ever changing consumer market through World class business practices and innovative manufacturing and marketing strategies. By behaving with integrity the company has validated its positioning statement of Globe ... the trusted brand of PNG. The company's commitment to quality in both its goods and service has led to its development into one of the premier food packaging operations in the South Pacific and earned the company the prestigious PNG Manufacturer of the Year Award.