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Packaged Tea & Coffee  

National No.1

Papua New Guinea's top selling tea brand and a wholly nationally grown and packaged tea.

National No1 Tea is grown on the Carpenter Estates in the Waghi Valley of the Highlands.

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The tea is transferred to the tea packing factory where the bags are packed in 10, 25, 50 and 100 tea bag packs using Maisa Tea Packing Machines. We also have tea bags packed in envelopes at 100 per pack for the catering trade and hotels. Loose tea is packed in 50g sachets and packs of 125g and 250g.

Tea Pot Tea

Tea Pot Tea is our second brand and is packed in 25 and 50 tea bags. Tea Pot also has the Earl Grey range in 25 tea bag packs. Loose tea under this brand is packed in 125g packs.

Mt Angalim Tea

This tea is packed mainly for the duty free and gift markets.

Packing Facility

Made Tea is packed for third party wholesalers. Packaging can be arranged or customers may provide.

Roasted Sigri Coffee & Bunum Wo Coffee

These coffees are high quality roasted in our own coffee roasting facility. These premium packs are supplied to the duty free and gift markets.